L is for Lifestyle

Our Christian faith should affect how we treat our planet just as much as it influences how we spend our money or treat our neighbours. But there are so many problems with our world that it’s tempting to think that there’s little hope of making a difference.

My book ‘L’ is for Lifestyle will open your eyes to this. There’s also an accompanying website, where you’ll find loads of resources to help you discover the small changes that each of us can be making to the way we live that will have a real impact on the world. That site is: http://www.lisforlifestyle.com/

The book is organised alphabetically – each letter follows the chapter heading in the book, giving follow-on information to what is written there, so click on a letter to get started discovering websites, books and organisations to help you care for the earth and all its inhabitants. I hope you enjoy it!

Are you aware of the current state of the environment? Do you think Christians should engage strongly with environmental issues? Comment below and let me know!

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