Rhubarb Fool

rhubarb foolIn my house this is called Easter Pudding because (guess what?) I first made it for the family, many years ago, on Easter Sunday. It’s a firm family favourite and is demanded as soon as the rhubarb looks long and thick enough to pick. We like to decorate it with last year’s raspberries from the freezer and swirls of chocolate, shaved off a bar of chocolate with a potato peeler. But, as with so many things, you can really do with this dish what you like.


About 750g rhubarb, cut into chunks (you can vary the quantity, this isn’t a precise recipe)

500g Greek yoghurt

75g sugar


1. Cook the rhubarb gently with the sugar, in a pan with a few tablespoons of water at the bottom. Cook for about ten minutes until the rhubarb is soft.

2. Mix it in with the Greek yoghurt. You can experiment how you like this best: if you like it smooth you can liquidise it all, or leave it swirled together as in this photo.

3. Decorate it how you like and serve.

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