Brainy Birds: Tales from the Garden

chickenSo you think chickens are stupid do you? Well, so did I, but listen to this and think again…

After dinner Mali and I were sitting at the kitchen table. The chickens were out of their run, scratching around the garden, but as it was beginning to draw near to evening I knew they’d be wanting to put themselves to bed fairly soon.

As we sat there, we heard a ‘tap tap tap’ on our back door. Mali and I laughed and said the chickens were wanting to come in. We ignored them. Again we heard, ‘tap tap tap’ on the back door, this time sounding rather persistent. We looked at each other and laughed again and Mali went to see what was going on. What happened next took us both by complete surprise.

Standing at the door was Captain – so called because right from the day we first got the chickens a couple of months’ ago, it was clear that she was the leader. She hopped up into the house, looked at Mali and squawked. Mali told her not to be so naughty trying to come into the house, picked her up and carried her to the end of the garden where the chicken run is.

There she found that something had fallen across the entrance to the run and the chickens couldn’t get in. The other two (Jazz and Aria in case you’re interested) were standing there, clucking to each other as chickens do, patiently waiting for Captain to come and get us and sort out the problem.

Obstruction removed, the three hens trotted into the run and duly put themselves to bed in their house. Well I never!

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