Christmas Chocolate Truffles

truffles2 004If you’re looking for something nice and quick to make to give away as gifts this Christmas (or, let’s be honest, to eat yourself while you’re wrapping presents – with sherry of course) then you can’t go far wrong with these. They’re also a great thing to make with children once the holidays start and they’re getting impatient and bored, waiting for Christmas Day.

Ingredients (makes about 28)

175 ml double cream

225 g plain chocolate (preferably Fairtrade)

Icing sugar

Mixture of cocoa powder, chopped nuts and/or mixed peel

Greaseproof paper


1. Bring the double cream to the boil and pour it over the chocolate, broken into chunks in a bowl. Mix until the chocolate is melted. (If the chocolate doesn’t melt easily you can continue this process gently in the microwave)

2. Leave the mixture for 1½ hours or so until completely cool.

3. Use a small spoon and, dipping your hands in icing sugar, scoop out pieces and roll them into small balls. As you do it, roll the balls into cocoa powder, icing sugar, chopped nuts, mixed peel or whatever you fancy, and place them on a tray covered with greaseproof paper. Leave them to set. (They will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for about a week)


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