Teaching Labour the Wisdom of Pharoah

ruth-at-labour-service-3I’ve had quite a few requests for the full text of my talk at the Labour Party Conference Church Service, so here it is. I’d love to know what you think.

Thank you to Christians on the Left for the invitation to do this event. I felt enormously privileged to have been asked.

10 thoughts on “Teaching Labour the Wisdom of Pharoah

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  2. Thats so right. I know a book named: The seven habits of… (Franklin Covey) (I think). And i think if you put Jesus values into it it is FANTASTIC (my english is not so good). Ruth I love to read your letters. They are simple. I appreciate it. Thanks fore following you… on your blog.

  3. Thanks so much for sending this to us. It is wonderful what opportunities you are getting these days and we are excited at the wide ministry God is opening before you. And we are very proud that you are our daughter and we bask in reflected glory! But I wonder if I could add a thought. As you know, my life has centred around the whole calling to international mission and that comes across in most of my preaching and teaching in some way. But some years ago the Holy Spirit quietly prodded me that this could become idolatrous! In my ministry God was useful in helping me promote international mission, but the heart concern was for mission more than God. He spoke to me that this was upside down! Mission is to glorify the Lord, not the Lord to be useful to promote mission! In a similar way I wonder whether perhaps you could face the same danger in relation to ecological and environmental issues? I wondered how far this talk was aimed to move people to give honour to the Lord rather than only caring responsibly for creation – not to downplay the huge importance of ecological and environmental concerns. My fears might be quite wrong and I hope you don’t mind me saying this , but do you think people were actually moved to love the Lord more through your talk? I hope they were. We shall be specially praying for you this weekend as you go to Nottingham. We were so pleased to chat with Jemba on the phone yesterday and to hear how well she is coping with her sore knee and crutches. We trust she will recover fully soon. She is a great lass – give her and Mali a big hug from us. Lots and lots of love, Dad

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