Syria civil warAs the bombing of Syria begins, I imagine many of us have woken with a heavy heart and sense of foreboding.

Amazingly, these words were in my morning prayers. Let’s pray them together:


Come O Hope-Bringer,

bless me with patience when the world still weeps.

Bless me with courage to never give up believing in peace.

Bless me with work that I may do my part.

Bless me with prayer as I light my candle against the darkness.

Love come down to my little day this morning.


(taken from Tess Ward, the Celtic Wheel of the Year: Celtic and Seasonal Prayers)

8 thoughts on “#PrayForSyria

  1. Timely indeed. Thank you for posting. I hardly wanted to open up my computer the morning after the vote. I don’t live in the UK any more but know the ramifications of this kind of action will roll out from there. How we deal with the increasing flood of refugees is possibly going to be very key over the next few months.

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