Treats All Round! My Just Living Lent Challenge

Hello Everyone

I’m dropping you a note to let you know about a nice little thing I’m launching today in anticipation of my new book, Just Living: Faith and community in an age of consumerism, which comes out in March.

It’s a Lent challenge that I’m doing and I’m inviting you to join me in it. I hope you’ll think it’s a good idea and will enjoy doing it with me.

Watch the two-minute video at the top of this post and see what it’s all about (if you got this via email and the video doesn’t show, then watch it here:

I really hope a load of us will do this together. I think it could be a lot of fun and could lead to some unexpected occurrences! Please let me know what you do and what happens, and I’ll do another post at a later stage with your stories.

And I hope it gives a bit of a clue to the overall theme of the book: that living well in consumer culture is sometimes about saying ‘no’ to things around us that harm other people and the earth, but is also about saying ‘yes’ to a life of generosity that brings blessing and happiness to others.

Let me know how you get on!

Update: Hodder (the book’s publishers) have now said that if you tweet them your experiences you could win a copy of the book. That’s their sharing act! Use @HodderFaith @ruthvalerio #JustLiving)

[PS Just Living is being launched at a special event at Kahaila Café in London, on March 17. For more information, and to book your place, see here.]

2 thoughts on “Treats All Round! My Just Living Lent Challenge

  1. I try hard not to buy coffees and treats so I am racking my brain for how I can do this in the spirit of Lent. I will call it creative sharing and look to give something away every day.

    • What a lovely idea! Yes, the aim for this isn’t to provide a straitjacket but to inspire your own actions. Do let me know some of the things you share. All the best to you.

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