Green Living

Eco Tree with environment symbolsI know you know that the world is in trouble. You’ve taken the time to have a look at this page after all.

But, if you want the intricate detail on climate change, deforestation, poverty, soil erosion, species extinction, ocean acidification, drought and so on (believe me, this list could go on a long time) then you’ve come to the wrong place – although you will get a bit of that here.

Rather, my interest in these pages is to look at what we can all do to help.

Let’s make no mistake: there are no simple answers. Well, actually, there are one or two, but mostly the answers are very complex. And if we are going to make any serious difference we need to see change at every level: government, business and civil society. We need everyone working together.

But Ghandi said that we must be the change we want to be in the world, and I believe that we don’t have the right to push others to change unless we are doing so ourselves.

So what can we do? I’ve learned that there are lots of things that we can do, in every area of our lives. And do you know what else I’ve realised? That it can be a heck of a lot of fun; that there are all sorts of new challenges waiting for us to try; and that all of this is better done with other people, rather than on our own.

So, in these pages we are going to look together at some of the many areas in which we can make changes in our lives: areas such as food, holidays, energy, Christmas, cleaning, water, clothes etc (click on the menu tab to see what’s there so far – and follow this blog to make sure you’re notified of each new post). We will look at the issues and we will think through specific and practical things that we can do.

I hope you’ll find this series helpful. I’ve no doubt you’ll disagree with some of what I say and also have other ideas that I don’t cover. So do be in touch. Let’s have a conversation and together let’s work towards living a greener life that takes more care of this wonderful world and its inhabitants.

4 thoughts on “Green Living

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