Malachi: ‘Wholehearted’

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Those who delve into Malachi discover a fascinating dialogue between Yahweh and Israel. As a nation, Israel faced many challenges, and apathy and disillusionment threatened to overwhelm them. But in the midst of it all God has two things to say to them: I have loved you, and I the Lord do not change!

The conversation is there for us to join and there are many things we will learn as we do so.

This workbook has got 5 sessions of material for group study, including leader’s notes, and is ideal for churches, small groups and individuals looking to explore an often-neglected book.

2 thoughts on “Malachi: ‘Wholehearted’

  1. Hi Julie, I’m speaking at Heacham Parish Church over the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd. I think I’m doing an informal meeting on the Saturday, then speaking at the church on the Sunday morning, followed by lunch. Steve Davies is the vicar there. Do you know him? All the best.

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