Speaking Calendar


January 7: Faraday Institute (Cambridge)

January 13: St Johns College (Durham University)

January 24: City Gate Church (Brighton)

January 26: Eco Church Launch (St Paul’s Cathedral)

January 27: Vineyard Churches Leaders’ Conference (Nottingham)

January 31: Elim Church (Worthing)

February 2: ‘Tuesday @ Eleven’ event, Emmanuel Church (South Croydon)

February 9: Guildford Cathedral

February 11: Westminster World Development Association

February 14: One Church (Brighton)

February 20: New North London Synagogue (Finchley)

February 29: ‘Ignite’ Church course (Chichester)

March 3: Birmingham Diocese study day

March 5: Pioneeer Network Leaders’ Conference

March 6: St Paul’s Cathedral Forum lecture

March 10: Salisbury Deanery Synod

March 14: 24/7 Prayer ‘Vision Course’ (Guildford)

March 17: Just Living: Faith and Community in an Age of Consumerism (book launch!!)

March 23: Tearfund staff day

March 30: Yorkshire Ministry Course Easter School (Durham)

April 6 – 10: Spring Harvest (Minehead)

April 15 – 16: Hope in a Changing Climate: Ecumenical World Development Conference (Coventry)

April 25 – 28: Cliff College MA course on mission and globalisation

April 30: Speak Soundcheck Conference

May 7: Lincoln Environment Day

May 12: Revelation Church Leadership Training Course

May 17 – 20: Christian Resources Exhibition

May 18: Ealing Abbey Lecture

May 21 – 22: All Saints Eccleshall (Sheffield)

June 7: St Mellitus College

June 12: Severn Vineyard Church (Bristol)

June 13: St Mellitus College

June 22: Winchester Diocesan Synod

June 30: Wimborne Deanery Synod ‘Caring for our Common Home’

September 13: Ealing Deanery Synod

September 15: Christian Resources Together conference (The Hayes, Swanwick)

September 20: Chichester Diocese Eco Church day

September 25: Tonbridge Baptist Church

October 15/16: Streetly Methodist Church Eco Weekend

October 24 – 28: Lee Abbey Family Holiday Week


March 18: SARX Animal Theology Conference

May 12: Petworth Area Churches Together

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