A Summer Prayer for the Holidays

summerBlessed be you Sabbath-Giver, who rested from your labour,

and sanctifies change and rest as holy days.

Renew and refresh me in different climes as at home this day.


Maker of all the world where I can roam,

you give me the life that I have made and know my need to rest.

Come to me with your peace, at home or away, as I set out this day.

Come to my mind, take the stress and strain of my daily habit.

Come to my sleep and restore me from my weariness.

Come to my eyes as you show me new sights and points of view,

or those I have loved and return to again.

Come to my tongue as I savour tastes strange to me.

Come to my hands as I try things I have not tried before.

Come to my feet as I walk where many have travelled.

Come to my homesickness and assure me of my true home within.

Come to the freedom I feel when I am away,

that has tried to break through my working days,

and might be longing to whisper something important.

Come to my vision and show me what I need to see this August day.


The blessing of God when I am far from home.

The blessing of God when I am near.

The blessing of God on my venturing and exploring.

The blessing of God on my homecoming and belonging.

The blessing of God on my going out and coming in this day and always.

(taken from Tess Ward, the Celtic Wheel of the Year: Celtic and Seasonal Prayers)