An Invocation for Hallowe’en

light-and-darkBlessed be you O Hallowed One,

for when the flowers have fallen and the nights have drawn in,

your love does not wither or fade but remains in the stillness.

Remain in me today.


Protector of all souls, guard me on my sojourn through this day I pray.

Guard my feet as I cross into the dusk of winter.

Guard my body from feeling poorly with the coming cold.

Guard my pride from not resting when I need to.

Guard my sexual place with your cherishing

and if you have so gifted me, the sweet keeping of another’s love.

Guard my mind from all demons and the traps that are peculiarly mine.

Guard my heart when you reveal to me what I am blind to.

Guard my self and my kin from all that might harm.

Guard my faith when I walk in the valley of shadows.

Guard me with your presence when I make my last journey alone.

In the hastening darkness of the evening at this day’s end,

be the arms to welcome me home.


Hallowed Spirit, come with compassion this night

for though I will lay my plans out ready for the morning,

I know you might make mischief with my ordered ways.

Enlighten my nakedness gently as I unclothe in prayer

and your love reveals my shadow which I am afraid to see.


Source of all, from the realms of grace, keep me on the hallowed path.

Keep me from fiend that I have met along the way.

Keep my fears of unknown foe at bay.

Keep me from evil, keep me from harm.

Keep me and lead me with outstretched arm

until I pass through heavenly veil where danger can no more prevail

and I am kept by your love eternally.


(from Tess Ward, The Celtic Wheel of the Year: Celtic and Christian Seasonal Prayers)

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